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MedExcellence is an innovative global full-service human resource management and consulting company specializing in the executive search, recruitment and placement of foreign medical specialists for the healthcare Industry in the United States, Europe, Africa and Israel. With a unique ability to combine vast professional expertise, management competence and outstanding customer service, MedExcellence has gained an international reputation for providing the full gamut of human resource services needed by healthcare organizations in today's complex environment and has established itself as a leader in the field.

Serving healthcare organizations in the Medical, Biomedical, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries, MedExcellence provides tailor-made solutions specifically catered to our clients needs. In all perspectives of medical human resource management, placement, development and provision of manpower support services, MedExcellence utilizes an in-depth, customer-focused structured recruitment and selection process.

From initially understanding our client's needs, to evaluating the required set of professional skills and experience needed, to screening of potential viable candidates in terms of their abilities and capabilities, to evaluating candidates compatibility to adapt to employment in a foreign country, to language barriers and to specific organizational behavior, we work cohesively with our clients as an extended arm of the client's organization in order to ensure selection and recruitment of the best possible candidates.

MedExcellences' knowledge, specialization and experience in human resource search, recruitment and placement of medical professionals uniquely position us to lead our dynamic field. We have a proven professional track record of operating as an extension of our clients' organization, maximizing performance thereby achieving long term successful recruitment of the best suited candidate.

Medical companies, Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals from all over the world have already utilized MedExcellence's expertise because they trust our company's knowledge and tradition in delivering high quality services. Join them now!