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Medexcellence was founded as a result of a growing world shortage in qualified healthcare professionals especially in Europe, the United States and Israel. In today's vastly expanding and complex healthcare field, with a constant growing demand for expert professional highly qualified healthcare personnel, there exists an essential need to provide Healthcare organizations with highly qualified healthcare professionals that are exactly in tune with their needs. Medexcellence was established specifically to fill this need in provision of a wide variety of manpower and support services dedicated specifically to healthcare organizations thereby relieving them from spending time and money involved in the long and tedious process.

From locating, screening, pin pointing expert qualified medical professionals that fit to a tee to the specialized requirements and demands of healthcare organizations, to recruitment, obtainment of regulatory authorizations, to provision of high quality medical personnel management and support services on a Global basis, to the continuous personal involvement and commitment with the healthcare professional recruited throughout their employment, Medexcellence provides a tailor made approach thereby ensuring perfect suitability between professional recruited and healthcare organization that allows for successful and long term employment. Utilizing our vast expertise and in-depth specialization, we are ready to serve the expanding outsourced medical industry, priding ourselves on professionalism, quality of service and the fastest turnaround in the market. Our ongoing success has yielded the loyalty of highly-praised customers.

Our company's success is built on its proven ability to provide customer-driven solutions and services, offering our clients versatile, fully managed healthcare personnel management programs. Today, Medexcellence is continually refining its professional abilities to deliver more efficient and ingenious performance. Our power is derived from a group of talented, highly skilled employees, with vast professional expertise. Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology, we have emerged as a key player in delivering advanced professional medical human resource management services, for a wide and versatile group of clients. Medexcellence's vision is to continue to provide the full gamut of medical professional recruitment and support services by which we have gained the trust of our clients and established our sound reputation.

Daniel Yaron MBA, LLB, BA
For the past 26 years, Daniel has been accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the Healthcare field across three continents: The United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. From vast experience in the planning, functional design, operational flow determination, equipment and staff requirement of hospitals and medical centers, to determining and supervising implementation of company policies and procedures regarding all medical center operational aspects, to initiating and executing policies and procedures in all areas relating to human resources( salary administration, social benefits, recruitment, employment, manpower administration), to planning, developing and overseeing operation of clinical units and patient services, Daniel has gained valuable knowhow in the recruitment of specialty and professional medical personnel needed to operate complicated medical, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations. His extensive experience and reputation in medical human resource management and operations have gained him healthcare industry wide recognition and contacts in the healthcare industry across Europe, the United States, Israel and India.

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