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MedExcellence specializes in the executive search, recruitment and placement of foreign medical specialists for the healthcare Industry in the United States, Europe, Africa and Israel and is the major human resource and consulting company dealing specifically in the healthcare field. While many international recruitment and manpower agencies provide overall manpower recruitment services in a wide variety of areas, MedExcellence's expertise and concentration is specifically in the executive search, recruitment and placement of foreign medical professionals and specialists for the healthcare Industry. As a result, MedExcellence has gained a proven track record in the successful placement of highly experienced doctors and specialized medical professionals specifically tailored to our client's demands. From anesthesiologists to surgeons, from cardiologists to neonatal intensive care specialists, from pediatric neurologists to pathologists to radiologists, from professors to clinical research associates, from clinical trials specialists to laboratory assistants and nurses, MedExcellence specializes in meeting the specific needs of hospitals, medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical laboratories, biomedical entities and medical device companies operating in Europe, Africa, the United States and Israel.

MedExcellence's experts select potential candidates only after a thorough screening, interviewing, assessment and a background check process is conducted in the candidate's home country. Medexcellence's professionals specialize in locating the best possible candidate for the required position. Working in complete synchronization with our clients in understanding their professional manpower requirements and the occupational environment, MedExcellence ensures recruitment and placement of the best possible candidates with the desired profiles.

Beyond proper screening and validation checks, our recruitment process entails also licensure validation checks and regulatory authentication before the candidate is proposed to our client thereby providing the best possible candidate for the requested position expediently and in an efficient manner.

MedExcellence's services are comprehensive and entail full and double responsibility, both to our client the employer and to the recruited medical specialist or professional. From the moment a candidate is chosen by an employer and up to their arrival and placement, MedExcellence manages the full process accompanying both the employer and the professional step by step throughout. From completion of the full regulatory process, obtainment of required licensure, work permits, work visas and signature of contracts in accordance with labor law, MedExcellence brings the recruited professional right to the employer's doorstep, escorts and ensures their proper orientation and acclimatization in their new surroundings. MedExcellence takes full personal care of the medical professionals/specialists recruited and their families throughout the duration of their overseas employment. From ensuring that remuneration and benefits are in accordance with their contract, to obtaining of proper medical insurance to the location of living accommodations, MedExcellence provides a full gamut of services to its recruited medical professionals until they feel completely at home and absorbed in their new surroundings.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the best possible suitable candidates for the required position thereby satisfying both our client's needs while obtaining for the candidate their most desired and sought position. It is a tailor made approach adopted to ensure full compatibility and satisfaction desired by both clients and candidates. Our recruitment process is therefore based on clearly defined procedures and guidelines so as to match "hand to glove" the best available candidate to our client's needs and requirements. Our process of providing a tailor made solution geared to matching the needs of both clients and candidate is at the essential core of our success. Not only does it allow our clients to recruit the best and most suitable candidates but is also a process in which we continue, throughout the full duration of the candidates employment (which can be for years), to continue working together with both client and recruited candidate, assisting and escorting them in any personal or occupational issue that may arise, thereby cultivating the relationship between client and recruited candidate and enabling the client to retain the employment of the satisfied candidate in a long term relationship.

Once selected and recruited, beyond providing the selected candidate with logistical services such as airfare, assistance in seeking of accommodation and health Insurance, we cultivate a personal relationship with the candidate and are in tune to all their personal and family needs. Besides bringing the candidate to our client's "doorstep", making sure that their orientation and absorption process with their new employer is smooth and efficient; we meet regularly with both our clients and recruited professionals, continuously monitor remuneration provided to the recruited employee, and are always available on hand to assure that no problems arise.

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